Explore your senses in Lepe’s tranquil Sensory Cottage Garden

Colourful display and pond with wildlife

Discover the bug hotel, pond and water feature, bog garden, wildflower garden and pergola for climbing plants. Paths weave through the garden, taking you through a meadow of flowers including lavender, hydrangeas, azaleas and petunias.

Sensory Garden light display

Where is it?

Located near Lepe Point, on the opposite side of Lepe Road to the Clifftop car park, accessible via a crossing point there. Turn left and follow the path to the entrance. It’s also near the Boardwalk and where Solent Cottage stood until the 1990s.

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Library in the wild

Community project

Created by the Friends of Lepe in 2017 to 2018, the garden was designed for use by disabled people, schools, and local community groups. It’s currently used by Oak Lodge School, Solent Mind, Friends of Lepe, education groups and visitors.

Recent additions include a ‘Library in the Wild’ built by Oak Lodge School, a replica windpump, and a listening post.