Orienteering Course

Our FREE orienteering course in partnership with Southampton Orienteering Club.

1 January 2024 8am to 31 December 2024 7pm


Permanent Orienteering Course at Lepe Country Park created by Southampton Orienteering Club.

A permanent orienteering course has a sequence of checkpoints marked on a special, detailed orienteering map. Navigate your way around our Easy or Adventurous course and find all of the checkpoints in the correct order. Alternatively, you can find all of the checkpoints in any order; this is called a Score Source.

Ways to take part:

  1. Download the free app called 'MapRun' from Google Play or the Apple Store and enter your details.
  2. Navigate to: Select Event / UK / Southampton / Permanent Courses / Lepe Country Park and choose one of the courses. Selecting 'Go to start' will download the map and course onto your phone.
  3. You can download and print the map at home from www.goorienteering.org.uk.
  4. Borrow a map from the Visitor Services desk and return it when you have finished.

To claim a certificate, download maps, and find out more about other permanent and virtual orienteering courses in the area, visit: www.southampton-orienteers.org.uk