All the usual farm animals you would expect to see in a traditional farmyard setting


Ducks and geese make up the other feathered animals on the farm. You’ll find these feathery friends in our waterfowl area next to the poultry tunnels – though you’ll probably hear them (especially the geese) before you can see them!

No farmyard would be complete without a gaggle of geese to keep watch… Jack and his ladies love a chat, so be sure to drop by and hear them honk.

We have two breeds of duck at Manor Farm: Indian Runners and Call Ducks. Can you tell which is which? Indian Runners stand up tall and proud, while Call Ducks are much smaller and are happiest waddling around their enclosures.


Bunnies and guineas

Throughout the year, you can meet our rabbits and guinea pigs. These cuddly cuties live in purpose-built housing with a large grass space outside, so you can see them even when they’re having a nap or resting inside. If you listen carefully, you might even hear the guinea pigs squeaking to each other!

Watching rabbits in their hutch


Meet Abby, our ‘golden oldie’ Jersey cow! Abby has lived on the farm since 2005. She has loved her time on the farm and has thoroughly earned her relaxing retirement. She’s now been joined by our newer Gloucester Cattle. A rare breed, these cows are famous for producing the milk used in Gloucester cheese.

We also have a herd of Sussex cattle, who are an example of a traditional south east beef breed. With a variety of breeds to meet, you’ll soon learn why dairy and beef cattle look so different.



Come and see our traditional, native sheep breeds. Our majestic Polled Dorset sheep lamb in October and our six heritage breeds lamb during spring.

At the farm, you can learn about the different breeds, how they came into being and why they are so special.



Native to South America, Alpacas make a change from some of the more local animals on the farm.

Our alpacas and very friendly and are always keen for a stroke. Be careful, though – they do love to spit!



At Manor Farm we keep a variety of traditional and native pigs. We currently have the Middle White, Tamworth, Oxford Sandy and Black and Saddleback pigs.

Our pigs birth throughout the year, so you’ll find little piglets all year round. So cute! All our pigs are kept outdoors all year so things can get rather muddy in the winter…

We have recently build brand new houses for the sows to farrow in, which is great for both animal welfare and giving visitors the best visibility.

We regularly have piglets available for purchase. Speak to a member of staff during your visit or ring us on 01489 787055 for more information.


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