School visits to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Excellent input in a perfect setting! Where else such diversity and wow factor?!

Book with Confidence

As a charity, we rely on educational fees to support our work, but your booking is safe with us. Subject to cancellation and minimum fees, we will not take payment until you have visited and only charge for the number of students who visit. As a Hampshire County Council site, we conduct our educational day visits in line with relevant health and safety guidelines and regulations. A free site pre-visit is encouraged to help you do your risk assessments, although this can also be conducted remotely if you are familiar with our site.


Using exciting environmental games and activities, the Gardens’ experienced staff and volunteers assemble day programmes which provide valuable links to all parts of the national curriculum.


From April 2023

  • Standard activities
  • £7.50
  • per pupil
  • Archaeology and bushcraft days
  • £13.50
  • per pupil

From April 2024

  • Standard activities
  • £8.10
  • per pupil
  • Archaeology and bushcraft days
  • £14.50
  • per pupil
  • All accompanying adults on educational visits are free
  • No charge for siblings (under 2) or accompanying carers/parents on pre-school visits
  • Guided visit charges include a shared lunch area and any “workshop” fees
  • Guided visits are not subject to VAT
  • Cancellations with less than 8 weeks' notice will be charged minimum fees

We also offer bespoke visits for professionals, universities and corporate groups, prices on application.

Booking fees

A £20 booking fee applies for each day you bring a school group. 

Minimum charges

From April 2023: £187.50 (£337.50 for Bushcraft and Archaeology days) plus booking fee

From April 2024: £202.50 (£362.50 for Bushcraft and Archaeology days) plus booking fee

How to book

If you have:

follow the steps below to make your booking

  1. Decide when you would like to come and what you would like to do. It's a good idea to have several possible dates. Once you’re ready, contact our Education Team to confirm availability of dates.
    Phone 01794 368787
    Email [email protected]

  2. Confirm your travel arrangements with your travel company

  3. We recommend that you have a pre-visit to complete your risk assessment and to discuss your requirements. These are free and by appointment only.

  4. If you are a Hampshire school, we will need your 5-digit school code and your GL code (this will probably be 5414). If you aren't a Hampshire school, your office may need to raise a purchase order. Raise orders to Hampshire County Council (preferably with the text 'Guided school visit to the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens' and the date). Make a note of the order number as the booking form asks for these details. If you need a vendor number, we are 1140933
Complete a booking form

You will receive an automated reply.

We will invoice you after your visit, we hope you enjoy your trip.

Before you visit

Behaviour policy

Our expectations

We want to promote a fun, learning environment where everyone feels safe. Everyone should be well looked after, treated fairly and should feel valued and respected. The Garden and its wildlife should also be treated as a special place.

We will encourage you to explore and ask questions. We have a responsibility to help you enjoy your time learning with us, while keeping you safe, but will need your help.

  • Be prepared for an active, outdoor day. Bring a healthy picnic and something to drink. Please do not bring fizzy or sports drinks. Dress for the weather. Follow directions so that you stay safe
  • We expect you to treat and talk to each other politely and kindly, respecting everyone at all times. There will be other visitors on the day of your visit. Please share the space with them, be patient and helpful, especially around those who may need more assistance
  • Please use mobile phones only in emergencies during teaching sessions
  • Our Gardens and plants are precious please help us to care for them. Please do not walk on flower beds, pick or damage plants, throw things or climb on our trees. Please close doors and gates behind you
  • Help us to look after the wildlife. Try to leave the Garden as you found it with habitats undamaged, animals alive and with the right number of legs
  • Be organised and cooperative. Follow directions promptly. Stay with your group at all times and do not run ahead of the group leader

Dealing with challenging behaviour

If you are not following instructions or meeting our expectations, you will be asked to stop.

Your group leader is expected to talk to you about your choices and may have to take further action. For example, you may be given ‘Time Out’ or moved to a different group.

If you continue to make poor choices or your behaviour is dangerous and impacting too much on the group, you will be taken back to the Education Centre. This may mean that the whole group has to return to the Centre.

If there is no improvement, and you are not responding to efforts to improve your behaviour, you will be sent back to school. This may mean the whole group has to return to school.

Students who are suspended from the site may return on future dates, but only following consultation with and approval by Education staff.

Rewarding good behaviour

We want you to have a fantastic time with us. This is a very special place, and we will be working hard to ensure that you have a chance to try new and interesting activities and have lots of fun. As you become more used to our way of working you will become more independent, more self-confident, and more understanding of others. The more effort you make, the more you will get out of the experience. We will let you know when we like what you are doing.

Guidance for Group Leaders

Visiting staff should ensure that they implement their institutions behaviour policy consistently and fairly while at the Gardens and ensure that the young people in their charge are familiar with our behaviour policy in advance of their visit. Expectations and sanctions should be clearly explained.

It is the responsibility of visiting staff to ensure that group dynamics are conducive to achieving a positive learning atmosphere. All our staff have undergone DBS checks according to Hampshire County Council policy, but we ask not to be placed in a position where we could be compromised. Schools retain pastoral care and visiting staff are expected to complete risk assessments before visiting.

It is the school’s responsibility to monitor children in the toilets and at lunchtime. Where requested, we will guide you through activities in the Gardens with your assistance. This policy will be reviewed annually.

COVID-19 precautions

  • We follow the guidance of GOV.UK and Public Health England and amend our practice in line with current guidance
  • We also follow the guidance of Hampshire County Council and have a rigorous system in place for risk assessment approval
  • This is an outdoor day, and outdoor activities are recognised as being safer than indoor activities, although being away from the school site, and away from running water while out in the site grounds does bring increased risk. Although government mandates have changed, it is still good practice to follow previous guidance on social distancing, mask wearing and handwashing in warm running water with soap before eating and avoiding unnecessary indoor activity. The access gate has been changed to reduce contact with general visitors. Capacity through the Education facilities is monitored. Participants are asked not to attend if they are unwell.

First aid

Please bring your own first aider and report any incidents, however minor, to a member of staff.Mobile phones may not work in all areas of the grounds, but there are landlines in case of emergency. Alternatively, our staff are easily identifiable by their uniform with the Gardens’ logo, and most carry radios.


Hampshire County Council's insurance covers LEA schools. Non-Hampshire LEA schools must check their own insurance arrangements.

It is recommended that you have insurance to cover risk of accident, illness or loss of personal possessions and cancellation.

Hampshire County Council carries employers’ and public liability insurance. It only accepts liability for loss, damage or injury resulting from negligence by the County Council, its employees, or agents.

Ratio of adults to children recommendations

  • 1 adult to 2 children at pre-school
  • 1 adult to 4 children at Reception
  • 1 adult to 5 children at Key Stage 1
  • 1 adult to 8 children at Key Stage 2 and above

Sample guidance letters

We have provided sample letters for you to give to parents and helpers.

Help us make sure you have a good visit by adhering to our behaviour policy statement.

Provide children with a large name label in waterproof ink.

Pre-visit Power Point

Thank you for booking a school trip with us.

This presentation will explain how your day will be organised, what to bring and what to expect.

Pre-visit information for guided school trips

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