About HM Coroners

HM Coroners are independent judicial office holders appointed by the Crown and funded by their local authorities.

HM Coroner must investigate someone’s death if:

  • the cause of death is unknown
  • the death was violent or unnatural
  • the person died in state detention eg police; prison; whilst under s.2/3 Mental Health Act

Deaths are referred to HM Coroner by the police, hospitals and GPs.

A Registrar will refer a death to HM Coroner if the Registrar believes a medical certificate of death provided by a doctor is defective or may need looking into.

HM Coroners appointed to Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton jurisdiction

HM Senior Coroner: Christopher Campbell Wilkinson

HM Area Coroners:

  • Jason Pegg
  • Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp

Assistant Coroners:

  • Simon Burge
  • Sarah Whitby
  • Karen Harrold
  • Robert Simpson
  • Sunyana Sharma
  • Rachel Spearing
  • Sally Olsen
  • Eunice Marland
  • Henry Charles
  • Kiran Chahal
  • Emma Morris

Coroner's Officers

Coroner's Officers investigate on behalf of HM Coroner and are the point of contact for the deceased’s family and other interested persons in a case.