Treasure finds

If you have found any item that you think is treasure, report it to us at the Coroner’s Service within 14 days of finding it, or 14 days of realising that it might be treasure. It is our responsibility to look after these enquiries.

Report a treasure find

You only need to report items officially defined as treasure.

After a find is reported

A local Finds Liaison Officer or museum curator will contact you to talk about how and where you found the item and give you a receipt.

The Finds Liaison Officer or museum curator will then write a report, and museums will be given a chance to express an interest in the item if it’s likely to be treasure.

HM Coroner will then hold an inquest and determine whether the item is treasure or not. You might be invited to the inquest, along with the site occupier and landowner of where the treasure was found and be given the opportunity to ask questions.

Further information

For more information about finding treasure, email the British Museum at [email protected]

For more information about a specific treasure find, email the British Museum at [email protected]

For other enquiries, email the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) at [email protected]