Getting updates on a case

We will call you once we have received the referral and begun initial investigations. Please allow up to two working days for us to contact you.

We will provide you with a contact in the Coroner’s Office throughout the investigation, including their phone number and email address. In return, we will need a single designated point of contact who we can get in touch with about the investigation as needed. Outside of truly exceptional circumstances, we will only keep in touch with this person.

During a long investigation, your Coroner’s Officer will contact you at least every three months, or sooner if further information is available, to update you on the progress of your case, and explain reasons for any delays. They will contact your point of contact by phone or email depending on the family’s preference.

The role of the Coroner’s Officers

The team in the Coroner’s Office will:

  • explain the role of HM Coroner and answer your questions
  • tell you about your rights and responsibilities
  • let you know when and where inquests will take place
  • give you documents and evidence that other interested persons have given HM Coroner (as far as possible)
  • wherever possible, take account of your views, including your preferences, traditions and faith-based needs regarding mourning, post-mortem and funerals
  • make reasonable adjustments to accommodate your needs if you have a disability
  • explain why HM Coroner intends to take no further action in your case, if relevant. The Coroner’s Office or HM Coroner themselves cannot give you legal advice