What makes Minstead special

Minstead is a magical place where we help develop personal responsibility and nurture positive attitudes

Minstead Study Centre leaflet

The learning philosophy

Caring for the Earth, working co-operatively, taking responsibility for our actions and understanding the need to live sustainably.

Children are able to establish and understand their connection, influence and responsibilities towards the people, plants and animals of Planet Earth

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Unique approach

We have developed a unique approach to working with children, allowing us to make learning hands-on, reflective and most of all fun. Time at Minstead enriches children and adults alike, by living, learning and working together. The experience will improve social skills and confidence to learn outside the classroom.

Our Head or deputy, who are both qualified teachers, deliver a majority of our sessions. Understanding, planning and successful implementation of the programme are essential to achieving a memorable and enjoyable visit.

Linked up learning – around a central story

A stay at the Centre will be carried by a central theme or story. You might be a Viking, a Celt or an eco-warrior, a green man, a Greek god, a rainforest aboriginal or even one of the fairy folk.

Everything we do is built around your story; from laying tables for breakfast, making beds, cleaning and tidying for inspection, walking to the woods, feeding the sheep and chicken egg collecting. This is all done whilst considering the rich and poor of the world.

Our programme activities cover core parts of the curriculum, such as: 

  • science
  • geography
  • art
  • drama
  • music
  • religion
  • history

They are all delivered in an exciting and innovative manner.

Wonderful grounds and big walks through the New Forest

On our site you will meet woolly sheep and clucking chickens. You will visit the Iron Age roundhouse, vegetable gardens, coppiced woodland and a Mizmaze.

Out in the forest, walk into a world of deep dank bogs, purple heathlands, towering wild woods and coniferous fairy forests.