Available group activities at Minstead Study Centre

All our visits promote a close connection to nature and our precious planet. Groups who stay with us find that no matter what activities they select, their pupils show increased confidence, independence, and improved decision-making abilities following their visit.

We are confident that our wide variety of activities helps to create more motivated learners and facilitates raising standards.

The following activity sessions are available for both residential and day visits:

Staff who led the activities were engaging, spoke to the children on their level and had a great knowledge of the forest and its flora and fauna.
Group feedback (Sherborne House)

The New Forest

Topics covered:

  • exploring
  • mapwork
  • navigation
  • history and geography
  • habitat exploration
  • conservation
  • human impact

Sustainable living

Topics covered

  • gardening - planting, growing, harvesting and tasting!
  • animals - sheep, where our food comes from, is farming fair?
  • energy - monitoring electricity, gas and water use in the dormitory block
Photograph of a sheep eating an apple at Minstead Study Centre

Woodland exploration and nature connection

Topics covered

  • sensory exploration and nature connection activities
  • woodland games
  • mindfulness
Photograph of children wearing wellies in a puddle at Minstead Study Centre

Local Geography

Topics covered

  • rivers - investigating erosion, deposition and other stream features. Field sketching, measuring, splashing, damming and stick racing
  • village - contrasting locality, church and land use
  • rocks and soils - investigating properties of local (and less local) rocks, clay modelling, investigate and make soil and composting
Photograph of a child splashing through water at Minstead Study Centre


Topics covered

  • willow weaving and natural dying
  • wattle hurdles and daubing our roundhouse
  • shelter building
  • fire lighting and cooking
Photograph of the Roundhouse building at Minstead Study Centre

Environmental Science

Topics covered

  • habitat exploration - multiple habitats to explore, compare, observe and investigate (woodland, heath, bog, stream, pond, meadow and hedge)
  • investigating food chains, adaptations, conservation and environmental protection
  • the water cycle
Photograph of a moth on a hand at Minstead Study Centre

Mapwork and Orienteering

Topics covered

  • navigation - with hikes around New Forest
  • orienteering - courses on-site
  • map making
Photograph of children learning to use a map at Minstead Study Centre

Art and Crafts

Topics covered

  • felt making
  • clay play
  • hapa zome
  • natural art (Andy Goldsworthy and James Brunt inspired)
Photograph of children doing arts and crafts at Minstead Study Centre

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