Estimation tool

Calculate the cost of your HantsPrint Shop project

If you are submitting your work to the HantsPrint Shop, our handy HantsPrint estimation tool will provide you with a quick and easy estimate.

These prices are only available to HantsPrint Shop users who supply a valid cost centre and GL code.

How to use the HantsPrint estimation tool

  1. Enter a title for your printing project
  2. Complete the relevant sections for your project
  3. The cost per item and grand total will be automatically calculated
  4. Print or save a copy of the estimate for your reference

Additional charges

The HantsPrint estimation tool provides you with standard prices for our products and services. Additional charges may be applied if:

  • the work is more complex or takes more time than a typical project
  • work is submitted via email (an administration surcharge of £30 will be added)

For help and advice, contact the HantsPrint Shop team on 0370 779 0303, email [email protected] or complete the enquiry form.

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