Supplying artwork

Tips on sending your artwork to us

Digital artwork should be supplied in PDF format where possible. Quote our estimate/job number or the person's name that has been dealing with your project.


For files smaller than 20MB, send these to

Upload to FTP

Our standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service is an ideal solution for:

  • sending files larger than 20MB
  • sending a large number of files at once, or on a regular basis
  • sharing large files back to you

For sensitive data, we can provide you with an encrypted service that offers additional security.

Please call 01962 870099 or email to request more information or to request user access to our FTP service.

Instructions for using the FTP service

After you have received your username and password from us:

  1. go to
  2. click on the login tab on the right of the screen
  3. enter the user name
  4. enter the password
  5. create a new folder with the name of your project or organisation (optional)
  6. click on the upload tab
  7. click select files and browse your system to find the file for upload
  8. click start upload
  9. log out after your files have finished uploading

The FTP service is not monitored. Contact us to let us know your files have been uploaded.

Supply on CD and DVD

If you are sending your artwork on a CD or DVD:

  • label the disc with the name of the job, who it is for, and the software used
  • supply a hard copy of your document with the disc

For printing advice and pricing information, contact our customer service team on 0370 779 0303, email or complete the enquiry form.

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