Supplying artwork

Tips on sending your artwork to us

Digital artwork should be supplied in PDF format where possible. Quote our estimate/job number or the person's name that has been dealing with your project.


For files smaller than 20MB, send these to [email protected].

Upload to Sharepoint

Our secure Sharepoint folders are an ideal solution for:

  • sending files larger than 20MB
  • sending a large number of files at once, or on a regular basis
  • sharing large files back to you

Please call our customer services on 0370 779 0303 or email [email protected] to request more information on how to gain access to a secure shared folder.

Supply on CD and DVD

If you are sending your artwork on a CD or DVD:

  • label the disc with the name of the job, who it is for, and the software used
  • supply a hard copy of your document with the disc

For printing advice and pricing information, contact our customer service team on 0370 779 0303, email [email protected] or complete the enquiry form.

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