Print to Post

Bulk letter printing and mailing service that saves you money against Royal Mail postal charges

The HantsPrint Shop digital print room and Facilities Management (FM) mail room provides a significant saving for bulk letter printing and mailings.

Contact us before undertaking a large mailing project. We will help you ensure your mailing is set up for the most cost-efficient dispatch.

HantsPrint Shop

You can upload your mailing project to the self-service HantsPrint Shop. The online service includes:

  • mail merging (if required)
  • printing
  • postage and dispatch


We stock a wide range of envelopes, including:

  • franked envelopes according to your requirements
  • pre-paid 2nd class envelopes to minimise postage costs
  • personalised envelopes
  • full colour designs, such as a marketing campaign

Mail merging

If you are preparing a database for a mail merge, read our guide to preparing your Excel database.

Complex databases are not a problem. We build workflows to process data for dispatch by conventional post or by email.

For help and advice, contact the HantsPrint Shop team on 0370 779 0303, email [email protected] or complete the enquiry form.

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