Beechwood Kitchen

Refuel at Beechwood Kitchen with a refreshing hot or cold drink and locally sourced food. Enjoy a tasty bite from our selection of cakes and snacks or savour one of our homemade meals before heading back out to carry on with your adventure.

Takeaway options are available.

While our café is dog friendly, there’s also a dog free area in the back of the café if you’d prefer.

Opening Times

10am to 5pm (weekdays)
9am to 5pm (weekends)

A full breakfast

Our menu


Served until 11:30am

Juniper Jump Start (656 kcal) (V)
Two plant-based sausages, two hen eggs, roast vine tomatoes, mushrooms, hash brown and toast - £11

The Classic (673 kcal)
Crispy bacon, two poached hen eggs and sweet tomato chutney served in a crunchy ciabatta - £8

Butser Buster (755 kcal)
Two farmhouse sausages, two slices of smoked bacon, two hen eggs, roast vine tomatoes, hash brown, mushrooms and toast - £11

South Downs Wayfarer (607 kcal)
One farmhouse sausage, one slice of smoked bacon, one hen egg, roast vine tomato, hashbrown, mushrooms and toast - £8.50

All day

Mezze Wrap (394 kcal) (V)
Sweet potato falafel, garlic mayo, vine tomato and mixed leaves, served in a tortilla wrap - £7.50

Munch Brunch (698 kcal)
Cubes of smoked bacon, sweet roasted onions, diced pork and herb sausage, sautéed potatoes, topped with a poached egg and finished with spicy sriracha sauce - £9


Rustic skin on fries (522 kcal) (VE) - £4

Delicious dips

Garlic mayo (657 kcal per 100g) - £1.50
Sriracha mayo (553 kcal per 100g) (VE) - £1.50


Served from 11:30

Keep It Warm (VE)
Homemade soup of the day served with a malted wheat baguette or gluten free roll - £6

Big, Green-Grilled (613 kcal) (V)
Halloumi cheese, watercress, sliced avocado and sweet chilli jam served in a malted wheat baguette - £8

Salty Sea Dog (646 kcal)
Two jumbo battered sustainable fish fingers served with tartare sauce and crunchy baby gem lettuce, served in a malted wheat baguette - £8.50


Glorious Veg! (448 kcal) (VE)
Sweet potato falafel, roasted aubergine, courgette, peppers, red onion petals, garden peas and spinach topped with chimichurri salsa and toasted pine nuts - £9.50

The Local (600 kcal)
Award winning hand cut pork pie served with piccalilli, Dorset cheddar cheese, apple slaw and a salad garnish - £9.50

Snack Attack

Indian Flavour (822 kcal) (VE)
Vegan Keralan cauliflower, chickpea, and onion bhaji pasty served hot - £5.50

Classic Kernow (670 kcal)
Award winning traditional Cornish pasty served hot - £5

Our Favourite (357 kcal)
Tasty pork sausage roll served hot  - £3

All Day Breakfast Ciabatta

Farmhouse sausage (765 kcal) - £5
Smoked bacon (613 kcal) - £5
Plant based sausage (568 kcal) (VE) - £5

Children's meals

Quirky Bird! (556 kcal) (VE)
Quorn dippers served with rustic skin on fries and tomato chutney - £7

Pic – Nic
Children’s ham or cheese sandwich, potato crisps, snack item and drink - £6.50

Old Fashioned (384 kcal)
Battered fish finger, rustic skin on fries and tomato chutney - £7

Sweet treats

Dark Treat (496 kcal) (VE)
Chocolate fudge cake, rich chocolate sponge with a mouth-watering fudge coating - £3.90

Queen Vic (465 kcal) (NG)
Moist Victoria sponge filled with raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream - £3.90

Magnificent Muffin
Rich double chocolate (493 kcal) - £2.80
Fragrant blueberry (491 kcal) - £2.80

Tasty Tiffin (345 kcal)
Triple chocolate, all butter shortbread - £2.50

Cookie Comfort (255 kcal)
Home baked flavours from the cookie jar - £1.80

Hot drinks


Espresso (6 kcal) - £2.30
Americano (10 kcal) - £2.70
Flat white (63 kcal) - £3.10
Cappuccino (119 kcal) - £3
Latte (119 kcal) - £3
Mocha (230 kcal) - £3.10

Hot chocolates

Hot chocolate (281 kcal) - £3
Hot chocolate and marshmallows (313 kcal) - £3.60
Hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows (357 kcal) - £4.20


Breakfast tea (10 kcal) - £2.50
Speciality tea (10 kcal) - £2.70


Syrups (22 kcal) - 70p
Oat milk (52 kcal per 70ml) - 50p
Soya Milk (35 kcal per 70ml) - 50p

Food allergies

If you, or any of your party, have a food allergy or intolerance, please speak to a member of the catering team before ordering.

Whilst a dish may not contain a specific allergen, due to the wide range of products used in our kitchen, food may be at risk of cross-contamination by other ingredients during the production process.

(V) = Vegetarian
(VE) = Vegan
(NG) = Non-gluten