Horse riding at Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Trot along our recommended trails around Queen Elizabeth Country Park and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the South Downs - stretching your horse’s legs through the woodland to the east of the A3, and across the downland to the west.

There’s one permissive horse trail which is clearly way marked on the ground and two bridleways (also used by cyclists & walkers) that pass through the site.

The Queen Elizabeth Country Park Visitor Centre gift shop sells an ‘all trail’ map of the park. We can also provide a map of the permissive horse trail on request.

There are a number of horse rides and related events throughout the year. See What's On for details.



Gravel Hill is the designated car park for unboxing and parking.

The Park can get very busy during weekends, particularly during the summer season.

A small water trough is available behind the Visitor Centre.

For more general information about horses and where to ride them please visit the British Horse Society website.