Juniper Kiosk

Located in the Juniper car park, the kiosk is a great place to grab a drink or a snack before heading off to play!

Opening hours

April to October
Weekends 11am to 3:30pm

Daily during school holidays

Exceptions apply


Espresso (6 kcal) £2.30

Americano (10 kcal) £2.70

Flat white (63 kcal) £3.10

Cappuccino (119 kcal) £3.00

Latte (119 kcal) £3.00

Mocha (230 kcal) £3.10


Breakfast tea (10 kcal) £2.50

Speciality tea (10 kcal) £2.70

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate (281 kcal) £3.00

Hot chocolate and marshmallows (313 kcal) £3.60

Hot chocolate, marshmallows and cream (357 kcal) £4.20

Hot drink extras

Syrups 22 kcal  70p

Oat milk 53 kcal per 70ml serving 50p

Soya milk 35 kcal per 70ml serving 50p

All our coffees can be served as house blend or decaffeinated.
Plant-based milk alternatives are available.

Cold drinks

A range of still and sparkling drinks

Hot food and treats

Hot savouries

Sausage rolls and pastries

Sweet treats

Cakes and pastries

Ice cream

Locally sourced ice cream