Make a pledge to save our pollinators

Jun 6 2019


Do you want to join us in making things a bit more lovely for our pollinating insects?

Here at Hampshire Countryside Service we’re on a mission! We’re working hard to create the ideal environment for pollinators by managing land to make sure there’s a diverse range of habitats. Because lots of different flowers, plants and trees means lots more bugs, butterflies and bees.

Orange butterfly rests on a thistle stem against a green background

It’s not just our day job, though. Everyone in the team is also pledging to do something at home to help pollinators. From building bug hotels to letting a patch of garden grow wild – one small change can have a big impact. Will you join us and make your own pollinator pledge? It would BEE fantastic if you did! (Sorry – I couldn’t resist.) Whether it’s making space for nature, reducing your environmental impact or supporting worthy causes, we can all do something to help.

Ideas to get started

  • Use pollinator friendly plants in your garden – the type that bees and butterflies love
  • Choose a mixture of plants that flower throughout spring, summer and autumn – find inspiration here 
  • Leave areas of your garden wild, keep dead wood for nesting insects
  • Walk, cycle, use public transport, car share
  • Reduce, recycle, reuse
  • Buy local produce
  • Support land conservation (search here for volunteering opportunities)

You can share ideas on our Hampshire Countryside Facebook page using our hashtag #PollinatorPledge

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