Join us in making a pollinator pledge!

Here at Hampshire Countryside Service we’re on a mission! We’re working hard to create the ideal environment for pollinators by managing land to make sure there’s a diverse range of habitats. Because lots of different flowers, plants and trees means lots more bugs, butterflies and bees.

Our pollinators play a vital role for us. They help pollinate food crops and support a variety of wildlife by keeping our native plants healthy. Unfortunately, they are facing a number of threats meaning populations are in decline.

How can you help?

  • From building bug hotels to letting a patch of garden grow wild – one small change can have a big impact. Will you join us and make your own pollinator pledge?
  • Whether it’s making space for nature, reducing your environmental impact or supporting worthy causes, we can all do something to help.
  • We’ve got video tutorials and blog articles with plenty of tips and tricks to make your gardens more pollinator-friendly.
a buff-tailed bumblebee on a purple flower
Pollinator blog

Click below to view all our news and blog articles related to all things pollinators. We have articles on how to spot bumblebees, how to attract pollinators to your garden and many more.

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