Get involved

If you’re as passionate about nature and wildlife as we are, there are several ways you can get involved and give back. From joining our teams to donating to our cause, there are always ways you can help protect our environment and preserve the natural beauty of the Hampshire’s countryside.

Group of peop0le sitting in a wood

Work with us

Contribute to nature recovery

Nature recovery is a community effort, which means that everyone has a role to play in making it a reality. You could:

  • talk to your neighbours about creating a ‘hedgehog highway’ in your gardens by cutting out a hole in your fences
  • work on making your green space a haven for wildlife by planting shrubs, trees or climbing plants
  • check to see what your local nature reserves are working on and ask them if there is anything you can do to help

We would love to find out how you’re helping aid nature recovery. Keep updated with our nature recovery work on our social media by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Tree planting