Discover Danebury

The Discover Danebury project ran from December 2011 until July 2013.

During the course of the project, which was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, nearly 1000 school children visited Danebury, many volunteers sessions were held and several events and activities took place. A bench seat was constructed on the site of one of the Iron Age roundhouses which could be used as a teaching aid or as a place for quiet contemplation.

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Lottery funded


These three stories were created by Tim Laycock and the children of Balksbury Junior School, Andover and Wherwell Primary School, Wherwell, Hampshire.

Mab and Kennis

The three tunnels

The harp on the wall

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Roundhouse Earth Seat

The earth seat is situated on the exact location of an Iron Age roundhouse excavated by Barry Cunliffe and his team in the 1970s. The house would have consisted of two door posts, a circular wall of wattle and daub and probably a conical thatched roof, all built of local materials. It would have been strong, but light enough to be moved to different locations.

The structure would not have necessarily been where people lived; many of the roundhouses at Danebury would have been used as workshops, animal shelters or storage places. The lack of finds or evidence of animals in this house suggests that it may have been used as a gathering place, maybe for story-telling or learning. With the construction of the earth seat, this place can be used in the same way as it was nearly 3000 years ago. 

Danebury Roundhouse Earth Seat