Ecchinswell The Nuthanger walk

A short history of Ecchinswell

Ecchinswell derived its name from the word Eikena, meaning Oaks in Latin, describing the ‘well by the oaks'. The Domesday Book mentions the village of ‘Eceleswelle’ and the land was used ‘for supplies for monks of Winchester'


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With the Royal Oak public house on your left leave the village on the Ecchinswell Road towards Sydmonton. Pass a field and after the house on the left turn left up a footpath. The path narrows and then goes up quite steeply between a field and woodland. Pass the stables on the right, up to a tarmac drive at the top of the hill.

Continue around to the left and at the entrance to Nuthanger Farm (as described in the book Watership Down) turn right and then quickly left.

Look right for views of Watership Down. At the end of the line of trees turn left and head downhill, keeping to the left.

At the end of the Nuthanger Copse the path continues between two rows of trees. A wide grassy strip takes you to the road.

Turn left and walk down the hill to Ecchinswell Brook. Cross the pedestrian bridge, through Digweeds, and follow the footpath to the road. Turn right back to the Royal Oak public house.

There are further walks around the village of Ecchinswell and other walks are available on our Walking website.

Ecchinswell Parish Council supplied this walk.