Ecchinswell war memorial walk

A short history of Ecchinswell

Ecchinswell derived its name from the word Eikena, meaning Oaks in Latin, describing the ‘well by the oaks'. The Domesday Book mentions the village of ‘Eceleswelle’ and the land was used ‘for supplies for monks of Winchester'


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From Ecchinswell Village hall cross the main road, continue along the footpath to the left of the war memorial, bear right at the two wooden bridges crossing the stream, over stile, then left to the corner of the field. Follow the path straight ahead to the gravel track.

Turn left, following the track across the field; on your right is Northwood Copse, a bluebell wood. As the road passes over the stream turn left.

Left at the next sign and cross the stream, turn right and follow the footpath around the edge of the field.

Climb over stile and bridge over the steam (large house with ponds to your right) and then another stile. Keep to the right side of the field and continue to the stile in the corner and cross over.

At the road turn left and then immediately left down a wooded path. Continue straight ahead, hidden behind the oak tree is the next stile cross over. Keep to the right hand side of the field past two oak trees.

Cross the stile at the right corner of the field and then bear left for approx 20m. Turn right through the metal gate and cross the field; to your left is St Lawrence’s Church.

Go through the gate and left onto the Ecchinswell Road. After approx 300m you are back at the Village Hall.