Fordingbridge around the town

A short history of Fordingbridge

The River Avon runs through this small town that lies 13 miles south of Salisbury. To the east is the New Forest and to the west are the Western Downlands and Cranborne Chase.

Attractive villages and hamlets surround Fordingbridge including Bickton, Breamore, Godshill, Hyde, Rockbourne and Woodgreen.


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Park in main car park. Leave the car park into the High Street and turn right. Turn left down Provost Street to Fordingbridge Parish Church.

Take Avon Valley Path (AVP) through churchyard, passing the sewage works. Cross two bridges then leave the AVP and cross the wooden bridge over the Avon. Continue to cross watercourses to reach Bickton Mill. Turn right with the road then left between the cottages.

Turn right onto the signed footpath, then left crossing stiles, a gravel track, then a field diagonally to the A338 road. Cross the A338 and take the path opposite. Cross the field to another road. Turn left and walk to the corner where there is a stile and a fingerpost. Cross the stile and take the left path diagonally across the field to another stile and continue on the path to reach stream and road.

Turn left passing the Three Lions. Take the second footpath on the right. Continue on this path and cross a metal bridge. Make for the right hand corner and cross a stile to reach the road. Turn right and walk on the path alongside the road, crossing when the path does so. Take the signed footpath on the left up a grass slope and through trees to Sandy Balls Estate. Follow the footpath between the chalets bearing left to the Woodside Inn and then keep straight ahead on the roadway (route now waymarked).

Start to descend into a wooded area passing a phone mast on your left. The track will then bend left again and descend further, passing a stile on the right. Cross the stile ahead to reach the water meadows and turn right. Cross a further stile on your right to follow the path through woodland. Turn left at the junction continuing downhill to the gateway. Turn left and follow the path through the water meadows to a suspension bridge leading to Burgate Manor Farm. Follow the track to the A338 and cross.

Turn right and pass the Tudor Rose pub then take the track on your left (AVP). This track quickly divides. Take the right branch and continue, then take a left turn and follow the path to Pennys Lane which leads you to Whitsbury Road. Continue along Whitsbury Road to the junction with Green Lane and then follow The Bartons back in to the car park.