Story of Great Binfield, the giant of Basingstoke

A short history of Great Binfields

Great Binfields is a wonderful area of ancient woodland, a remnant of the extensive Forest of Eversley. It lays between the A33 and Chineham District Centre. The site is mainly mixed deciduous woodland.

You will see beech, ash and hornbeam at the drier west end and a neglected plantation of scots pine at the south east corner. Wood banks and coppice ash trees mark the woodland boundary on the ground. Around 50 ‘ancient woodland indicator’ plant species can be found beneath the trees.

In late spring you may see bluebells, early purple orchids and the elusive herb Paris. In July, common spotted orchid and ragged robin flower in the damper areas. In August you may see flower spikes of violet helleborine. A large range of fungi appears in the autumn, especially in the area where pine and deciduous trees grow together.

Look out for the birds in the wood – if you’re lucky you may see a great spotted woodpecker or our smallest native bird, the goldcrest. You may also see a roe deer if you go quietly.


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Start at the library entrance, facing Tesco, and turn right. Move on past the supermarket (on your left) up the slope and turn left past the barrier, onto the footpath.

Cross the road and keep going until you reach the roundabout. Turn left and go along the pavement to the woods. Carry on through the trees into Great Binfield’s Wood.

When you come out of this wood by the houses, turn right along the little lane and then turn left at the lamp post back into the woods. Continue along the path until you come to a bridge.

Continue on to the play area. Follow the path around the play area until you reach the road. Cross over and turn left towards the notice board.

Follow the path into the woods. Continue along to the Giant Sculpture and along the path, cross the road carefully and return to the library.