Hambledon cricket and countryside

A short history of cricket at Hambledon

From the top of Windmill Down it is possible to see all three of the cricket pitches played on by Hambledon. Windmill Down itself was the pitch used from the 1790’s to 1840. The present site is to the right. To the north east you can see the original and famous Broadhalfpenny Down. The views from the ridgeway to the north and the south can be breath-taking and well worth the walk.


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From the People’s Market, walk up the High Street through the churchyard to the school. Then take the path leading diagonally uphill to the top of Windmill Down. You cannot see the far stile but is in line with the far group of trees on the skyline. After this stile the path follows the hedge on the right, over the top of the down and descends north-north-east to Brook Lane.

Immediately over Brook Lane is a small lane leading to Beckless Cottages and West End. At the start of this lane take the path on the right, to the corner of Beckless Copse. Follow the eastern edge of this copse onto a bridleway which swings right just before joining the Chidden to Droxford Lane.

Double back left on this lane to pick up the original line, which continues north under the wires to Teglease Farm. At Teglease turn right onto the Chidden Lane to Teglease Down Lane. Go up to the crossroads just over the crest of Teglease. Turn right and follow the pre-historic Ridgeway and go east for 3/4 mile. This ridgeway was not made up until 1942 and is now a wide, but little-used, road. Take the track going off diagonally to the right where a lane comes up on the left from the valley.

This joins a lane which can be followed down for a mile along the west side of Coombe Wood. Just before the lane bears left, take a track on the right and follow it for about 200 yards where it turns left between high hedges and leads down to the Broadhalfpenny to Chidden Lane at Pie Lane End. Cross the lane and continue descending to Park Farm and then by road back to the village.