Hambledon wild flowers

A short history about Speltham Down

The National Trust owns Speltham Down. This is a natural unspoiled chalk downland strewn with wild flowers, particularly wild orchids. The Murder Stone at Cams has no inscription but commemorates a murder in 1782. Read John Goldsmith’s book on Hambledon for more information.

Bury Lodge House is splendidly sited with a definite military eye for the lie of the land. It looks straight down the valley towards the Wallington River and Fareham. It would not be surprising if a Roman Centurion chose this site for his retirement. We know there is archaeological evidence of a villa within the park.


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From the People’s Market go up Speltham Hill as far as the corner, taking the level path across the field on the right. Then follow the path on the left which goes gently uphill and runs beside a belt of beech trees to the lane.

The path then follows the east boundary of the park above Bury Lodge. Continue until it drops down to the main road, halfway up Well Hill. Go down the main road for some 50 yards. Take the downhill path on the opposite side, cross the Fareham road straight up the other side of the valley into Madams Copse. Here the path bends to the right and leads up into Menslands Lane.

Turn right and down the lane to Cams Lane. At Menslards Lane carry on, for a few yards and then right onto the path above, and parallel to, the drive of Cams House. Go along staying at the foot of the scarp until meeting at right angles the path which comes down from the Murder Stone to the Green Man.

Go right along this path to come out at the junction leading to the village centre. You can choose to cross the road and back along West Street then going back to the People’s Market.

Or you could turn left along Green Lane to Stewarts Green. Turn right into the Green and up across it to the footpath between the houses. Carry on along the footpath through the fields towards the church. When you reach the churchyard turn right, downhill to exit, then down the High Street back to the People’s Market.