Hambledon views

A short note about Hambledon views

This route gives the walker a lovely view from the top of Speltham Hill of the village spread out below. There is an especially good view of the Norman Manor House and the church on the opposite side of the valley. Long rows of vines at Mill Down are visible to the right.


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From the People’s Market turn right along East Street for approximately ½ mile. Then turn right at Rose Cottage into Back Lane, and take the right-hand fork of the road.

When you reach the top of the lane turn sharply right, going down Speltham Hill. Take some time to enjoy the lovely view of the village spread below.

As the road turns a right-hand corner, take the footpath on the left through the kissing gate (ignore the path going up the hill). Continue almost level for ¼ mile. Turn right onto the path which leads through Old Barn Crescent to West Street.

Either return along West Street to the People’s Market or retrace your steps back through the fields.