The story of the hermit of Crab Wood

A short description of Crab Wood

Crab Wood, near Winchester in Hampshire, is a Local Nature Reserve. It is an ancient woodland and is a great place for relaxation, walking and viewing woodland wildlife.

The wood is 4km west of Winchester along Sarum Road, the old Roman road to Salisbury, next to West Wood and Farley Mount.

As a Site of Special Scientific Interest, Crab Wood is 73 hectares (200 acres) of broadleaved woodland. Here you will find a hazel coppice and flowers in the spring.


    • Route
    • Temporarily closed
    • Restricted use


Go into the car park and turn right. Enter the field at the left of the green gate.

Go up towards the barbecue area.

Go into the woods just to the right of the barbecue area. After about 10 metres keep left.

Carry on down the path. Turn left at the marker.

Go back to the path and carry on up the hill.

Go past the yew tree and past the wooden squirrel.

Turn left into the large open space with the five beech trees.

Go across the clearing and go out onto the path, turn left.

Carry on down the hill until you get out into the open space.