Hook circular, West Green House

A short description of the walk

This walk takes you through bluebell woods and open fields to West Green House. The garden is full of follies and monuments and has a tea room and garden shop. The walk follows the River Whitewater for some of the way.


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From the roundabout in Hook village centre, walk towards the garages and turn left down Reading Road.

After 500m turn left down Goose Lane and cross Sheldons Coppice. On the right after 10m turn into the woods. On leaving the wood, continue on the path until a footpath sign on a small hill.

Go straight across for 500m and cross the road near two small lakes. Turn right and after 10m enter the woods. On leaving the wood turn left.

At the next field aim for far right corner. Carefully cross the road (B3349). After 20m take footpath to the right, through a thicket and across a large field. Follow the path by the River Whitewater and cross at the bridge.

Go through a gate in the far right corner of this field then slightly left to the corner of the next field (past two WW2 pillboxes). Pass a hut and go along the stony track for 300m. Cross road and after 10m take footpath through iron gates.

After 500m turn right onto road and go along entrance into West Green House. On leaving the house, continue on path through an iron gate for about 500m. Cross the road, take the track past Borough Court House.

At the house entrance, turn right through gates across the fields and across the bridge. Turn left along the River Whitewater path for 300m. Then take the path across the field (hedge to the right).

After about 500m this leads onto a tarmac road. Turn right along A30 and cross taking the footpath by the post box to Griffin Way, through the underpass and turn left into Wheelers Hill.

Turn right at No.3 and continue straight past a School, through Band Hall Place to Hook centre.