Hound walk 3

A short description of The Parish of Hound

The Parish of Hound has a wealth of rights of way. These provide a fantastic opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside.

The Parish is home to the magnificent Royal Victoria Country Park. This is an area of woodland, parkland and foreshore. It is also the site of Netley Chapel and the remains of the famous Royal Victoria Military Hospital.

In the west of the Parish, another great place to visit is Westwood Woodland Park. Westwood is a 200 acre Nature Reserve of ancient woodland and rolling grassland.


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From Hound Road, pick up a way marked path (Footpath 6) near the railway bridge. The path is well signed along its route and follows the railway line until reaching Hamble Halt.

As the path nears Hamble Halt, it divides and the right hand path becomes the Hamble Rail Trail. Continue on this route passing the the Police Training Centre and Hamble Primary School.

On reaching Mount Pleasant Recreation Ground continue until reaching a path at the edge of the ground (Hamble Footpath 13). If you turn right here it will take you to the Military Cemetery which dates back many years and is well worth a quiet visit.

To continue on the route turn left at the junction onto the causeway. Continue along its length and emerge into the beautiful Royal Victoria Country Park. Here take the opportunity to visit all the excellent amenities, including refreshments from the café.

Exit the Park via Hound Gate back into Hound Road.