Kingsclere walk 1

A short description of the Kingsclere walk

Kingsclere has varied countryside including open downland, steep slopes, small fields and woodland. This walk is not for the faint hearted. It has some steep gradients but is worth trying for the beautiful views.


    • Route
    • Temporarily closed
    • Restricted use


Starting from the car park and picnic area at White Hill, turn left along Wayfarer’s Walk (signposted). Then left again over a stile following the path along the field edge towards the wireless mast.

Turn right at the double stile and take the next left through the metal gate and down steep slope to stile. Turn right following fence. Turn sharp left down steep hill at Freemantle Park Down. At the bottom of the hill go a few yards left along a broad ride, turning right straight across a long field path to a stile at Hollowshot Lane.

Turn left here to the Winchester Road, turn left on the road. Continue a few yards, cross the road and pass in front of Gaily Mill along the stream to Old Burghclere Road.

Turn left, proceed a short distance and then turn left again through a walk-through stile. Walk along the gallops, bear left up a wide field path and then right along a farm track.

Turn left through the trees, over a stile and follow the steep path up to the gallops on Cannon Heath Down. Turn sharp left through wooden gate and along the Down to the car park.