Kingsclere walk 2

A short description of the Kingsclere walk

Kingsclere has varied countryside including open downland, steep slopes, small fields and woodland. This walk is mainly on level ground and includes both open fields and woodland.


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From the north end of North Street turn right down Love Lane and almost immediately bear left. This will take you over the Kingsclere by-pass (A339).

Proceed in a northerly direction, over the stream, to Nutkin’s Farm drive. Turn right, back over the stream and keeping in front of the house and barn, over the stile into the grass field. When reaching Harridens Farm drive turn left for a short distance and then right across some grass to a gap in the hedge. Here you will find a stile and bridge over a ditch. Keeping to the west of the farm buildings, proceed over the field whilst gradually converging with the stream where there is another stile at Harridens Great Copse.

Having passed under the main power lines bear right and follow the track. At the top end cross a short length of arable land to a stile into a paddock. Take another stile out of the paddock and then to the multi-fingered post in the corner of the field at Watchbury Copse.

Unless you wish to extend your walk through Watchbury Copse, turn right and proceed southwards up the slope keeping to the side of the field and over the stile at the top. Ignore the first kissing gate you meet on your left and continue towards Harridens Great Copse.

Here a stile on your left takes you through a band of trees into a field. Keeping to the fence line on your right hand, you will come to another stile on your right, over a sleeper bridge into Harridens Great Copse.

Keep to the paths through the woods into Moor Copse and over stile and across field to a second stile. Turn right, over the stile and to the bypass. Slightly to the right across the bypass is a sleeper bridge followed by a stile into a field.

Bear right to a kissing gate the other side of the field. Go through the gate, up to the road, turn right and the road leads you to the original path from North Street.