Kingsclere walk 3

A short description of the Kingsclere walk

Kingsclere has varied countryside including open downland, steep slopes, small fields and woodland. This walk starts at the lay-by to the east of the golf club, off the Kingsclere By-Pass.


    • Route
    • Temporarily closed
    • Restricted use


Take the bridleway running north from the lay-by across the golf course and proceed between two buildings until reaching a T junction. Turn left at the finger post and follow the wide footpath down hill through Sandford Woods and out on to Frith Common.

At the finger post turn right and proceed to Spinney Cottage. Here turn left, and follow the track behind the cottage. Enter the woods, turn right and follow the footpath through the woods and out into the field. You will see a stile on your right diagonally across the field.

Cross the style and then go across some marshy ground to the trees at the north corner. Close by you will see another stile which leads to Wheathold Farm. Do not take that route unless you wish to lengthen your walk, but turn hard left before crossing the stile. Follow the narrow path through a small wood on the edge of the marshy ground and out into a field on your right.

Continue ahead following farm track past Summers’s Copse, until reaching the tarmac road. Turn left down hill and pass Frith Common Farm. At the finger post you will find yourself at the first stretch of your walk, taking you back to the lay-by.