Kingsclere walk 4

A short description of the Kingsclere walk

Kingsclere has varied countryside including open downland, steep slopes, small fields and woodland. This walk starts in the village alongside The Old House in Newbury Road at Frog’s Hole. (Parking is available in the centre of the village). It is an easy walk across fields and through some of our many copses.


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From Frog’s Hole follow the path to the left of the cottages, over a stile and across the field to Porch Farm. Walk along the side of the barn, turn right for a short distance, then left along the field edge.

Turn right when reaching the bridleway but beware this can get very muddy. Bear left where the bridleway forks. Turn right when reaching the track which leads to a builders yard at Fobury.

Follow the bridleway to your right, past the fishing lakes. Cross a sleeper bridge, keep to the field edge, bear left through Southwood Copse across a wide gravel track. Still following the bridleway you will cross a stream over the wide bridge.

Keeping the small pumping station on your left, and before reaching a metal field gate turn right and over a stile into a field. Keeping the field edge on your left you will come to a stile in the corner of the field leading into a copse.

Follow the path to Kisby’s Farm drive and go over a stile into the field in front of the farm. Cross the field keeping the farm on your left to a stile, followed by a bridge, and another stile. Then turn left along the field edge, through a gap in the trees and across a bridge.

Turn right along the field edge to a wide track. Turn left at the wide gravel track which will take you to the top of the rise and then alongside the field edge to Cottismore Nursery. Turn right when reaching the nursery car park. Proceed to the far end of the site where you will find a small wooden gate on your right into the rabbit proof area.

Go through the gate and keeping the fence on your left you will pass out of the rabbit free zone. Proceed diagonally across the next field which adjoins an arable field. Keeping the edge on your left, proceed back to the bridleway at Frobury.

You may then retrace your steps to Frog’s Hole.