Kingsclere walk 6

A short description of the Kingsclere walk

Kingsclere has varied countryside including open downland, steep slopes, small fields and woodland. This walk starts from the centre of the village, close by the car park, opposite St. Mary’s church with its "bedbug" weathervane.


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With the church behind you, go up Anchor Road until you reach the footpath at the end. After a few paces bear left into the recreation ground. Keep to the hedge line over the top towards the radio mast at Hannington.

As you pass the lower end of the field the area to your left is a wildflower meadow mentioned in "Treasures of Hampshire". After descending the steps you reach Hollowshot Lane.

Turn left at the cottages and continue along the track. The last 200 yards through a "tunnel" of bushes, to the junction, where there are open fields ahead and to the right, need a decision.

The right fork leads across the field, usually cereal crops, and then quite steeply uphill towards the eastern end of Cottington Hill. At the top there is a small water tank at the junction and the walk goes to the left towards the farm building at Plantation Farm. Views on both sides of this track make the uphill walk well worth while. The Portway Roman Road once ran up the bottom of the valley. At the water tank it is possible to continue ahead to the village of Hannington. During May this route is also complimented by an array of bluebells growing in the woods.

On reaching the farm, bear left along the road. After 50 yards or so, leave the road and walk along the bridleway which takes you down the hill and along the track, to the junction of Hollowshot Lane.

A slight rise on the right fork at this point leads to a wide track, wooded on both sides. After 600 yards turn left along a footpath which skirts the top edge of "The Dell" to the right and then brings you out onto the recreation ground. Turn right towards the village which will lead you to your start point.