Kingsley Farm trail

A short history of Kingsley Parish

The parish of Kingsley stretches from Frith End and Alice Holt Forest in the north-east to Shortheath Common and Binswood in the south-west. Kingsley derives its name from the King’s Lea, a meadow or pasture.

At one time the village formed the clearing which lay between the Alice Holt and Woolmer Forests. Both these forests were hunting grounds of the kings. The original settlement was at the western end of the village. Here you can find the medieval church of Nicholas and the Tudor timber-framed Lode Farm.

Sandy heathlands and a wide and varied agricultural countryside provide a beautiful setting for this small village.


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The trail begins at the back entrance of Country Market, a family-owned farm, farm shop and garden centre. It is a tranquil, rural setting with a variety of wild flowers, hedgerows and trees.

Birds such as skylarks and lapwings as well as the more common species are frequently seen and heard here. There are also signs (and sightings of) foxes, badgers, deer and also smaller mammals and invertebrates. A bench has been placed near the start, so that even the ‘not-so-fit’ can enjoy superb views over the farmland to the woods and hills beyond.

There are two routes you can follow, both starting behind the houses and across the fields. A second bench provides a resting point beside a small pond. The shorter route (about 35 minutes) on the Farm Trail follows the line of the hedge before returning along the farm track.

The main route crosses a small footbridge and goes along the edge of the fields towards Straits Inclosure, part of Alice Holt Forest. Here a bridleway skirts the woodland to meet the farm track which will bring you back to the start of your walk.

This route is fairly easy with no stiles, but it may be rather muddy and the ground can be uneven.