The Mystical Tale of Nevi Wesh

A short history of the Parish of Bransgore

Bransgore Parish comprises the Hampshire villages of Bransgore and Thorney Hill together with the hamlets of Neacroft, Godwinscroft, Beckley, Holmsley, Hinton and Waterditch. The parish is situated in the far south-west corner of the New Forest only not far from Christchurch, Bournemouth and Lymington on the South Coast of England, UK.

This story trail for uses the area around Bransgore and Thorney Hill.


    • Route
    • Temporarily closed
    • Restricted use


Start by the big Oak Tree just before the stone track begins.

Walk along the track until you come to the small Oak Tree where the track bends to the right.

Walk further along until you come to the small concrete bridge.

Walk along until you reach the telephone lines.

Walk along until you are in the wooded area. As you walk, look for the ants’ nests which are often here on the left.

Walk on until you come to a gate on your left. If you stand with your back to the gate, you can see the Troll House – or, if it’s gone, the place where the Troll House once stood.

Walk on until you reach the little bridge over the stream.

Walk on until you come to a log on the left which looks like a horse. It might be lying on its side as if it’s asleep.

Walk along the track and up the little slope into the wide open space. In front of you is the road. The campsite is on your right. Stop at the corner of the fence.

Walk along the old airfield runway by the fence until you reach the gates of the campsite.