Story of the nymphs and the boggart

A short history of Hawley Meadows

Hawley Meadows is an important river floodplain site, with a wet grassland habitat supporting a wide range of wildlife. It is situated near Camberley on the border between Surrey and Hampshire.

The Meadows is one of the few sites in the valley illustrating how the landscape of the area could have looked a century ago. Surrounded by urban development, it protects the town and the nearby A331 as a natural flood defence.

In recent years conservation volunteers have worked hard to improve the habitat and landscape of the area. Now cattle graze the area each year. As a result, the site now supports many grassland flowers, birds, and invertebrates.


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    • Temporarily closed
    • Restricted use


Start just over the bridge.

Carry on along the river bank and stop by the big Oak tree.

Go through the trees towards the railway and then turn left. (Or for a slightly shorter route, stay on the river side of the trees.)

Follow the path along with the railway to your right.

Turn left and go through the gap; stop when you can see the bridge.

Turn right so that the river is on your left, away across the other side of the field. Carry on until you reach the hedge that crosses the field.

Keep going past the Halfway Hedge. When you reach the trees, turn left towards the river. Pause when you reach the metal gate and bridge.

Follow the river bank back towards the bridge that leads back to the car park.