Odiham southern boundaries

A short history of Odiham

The Domesday Book describes Odiham in detail. Attractive buildings provide a long term link to work, worship and recreation of previous centuries.

North Warnborough is the complementary village within the Parish. It boasts the castle from which King John set out for Runnymede to sign the Magna Carta.

North Warnborough Green, Odiham Common and the Basingstoke Canal are Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Orchids, herbs, dragonflies, aquatic diversity and other wildlife are famous here.

You can see signs of the agricultural heritage in small fields where animals still graze. There are also many surviving public houses and high street restaurants. These will provide food, drink and somewhere to rest after enjoying a walk through the Parish.


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Start at All Saints Church. Walk South through the churchyard, pausing to investigate the Pest House, and continue past the Cottage Hospital.

Follow FP 37 southeast, out across open fields, to where it crosses FP 46. Follow FP 46 north before taking FP 40 and then FP 38 and FP 39. Finish at the western end of Odiham High Street (next to the Old Forge) near to the War Memorial at Gospel Green.