The story of the princess, the pike and the pond

A short history of Fleet Pond

Fleet Pond is one of Hampshire’s hidden gems. Some 48 hectares of wetland, open water and dry heathland within this 57 hectare site are designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The reed beds, marshes, heathland and woodland are sanctuary for a rich diversity of animals and plants.

The area around the pond is a vital breeding environment. You will find species such as bats, song thrush, house martin, water rail and various dragonflies and damselflies that are becoming rarer countrywide. At 21 hectares, Fleet Pond is the county’s largest freshwater lake.


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    • Temporarily closed
    • Restricted use


Start at the car park, by the notice board. Take the path to the right as you face the board, that starts between the board and the litter bin; follow it towards the picnic benches.

Carry on through the trees, along the path, keeping the pond on your left. Move along to the bridge. Carry on along the path to the opposite side of the pond to the car park then make your way back to the bridge.

Go back to Boathouse corner and follow the path back to the car park.