Selborne monks walk

A short history of Selborne

The village of Selborne is famous for its association with the eighteenth century naturalist Gilbert White. In his book, The Natural History of Selborne, he records his observations on the plants, birds and animals of this lovely part of Hampshire.

The Hanger overlooking the village has a zig-zag path cut by Gilbert White and his brother. This hanger is part of the 275 acres of National Trust meadow, woodland and common which are open all year round.


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This walk can be 7 miles or shorter loops of 2 miles and 5 miles.

Park at the rear of the Selborne Arms, turn left out of the car park and walk along the main village street until you reach the Queens Hotel. Here take the narrow Huckers to the Priory built by monks in the 14th century and then known as ‘Via Canonorum’. Descend past some cottages and enter the wood by a gate. Continue northeast through the wood and across fields to reach the access road to Priory. (For the 2 mile loop turn left here onto the track across valley and then left over stile onto the footpath along the southern edge of Coombe Wood).

Turn left along the access road through the farmyard. Cross over Oakhanger Stream and turn right through a gate. Follow a footpath with the stream at first on your right and then on your left. At a signed crossroads of paths turn left. Cross the stream and then walk right along a field edge over a double stile and stream. Climb over another double stile re-crossing Oakhanger Stream. Turn left onto road through Oakhanger to Mary Magdalene Church. (For the 5 mile loop turn left onto the road just north of the pub to rejoin route)

Beyond Church Cottage turn left between two houses and then right behind the houses to a path junction. Turn left past the farm, across a stile and through trees to reach the Hangers Way. You will come to a style but do not cross it. Go sharp left along the Hangers Way through woods, passing a pool and crossing a track to reach a road near a T-junction.

Turn right onto the lane and then left onto a drive signed ‘Estate Office’. Follow the Hangers Way track though fields and Long Lythe National Trust wood before finally climbing up through a field to reach Selborne church. Walk through the churchyard and across Selborne’s ancient Plestor. Turn left and walk back to Queens Hotel and the start of your walk.