Wherwell, Harewood trail

A short history Wherwell

Wherwell is one of the most picturesque villages in the Test Valley, and boasts some of the finest timber framed thatched cottages in the county. It is situated on the banks of the River Test, famous for its trout fishing. The village is separated from its neighbouring village of Chilbolton by the River Test and the Chilbolton Cow Common.

The Common, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, is home to over 100 different plants and grasses, as well as many wild birds. North of Wherwell is Harewood Forest. This is the largest area of woodland within Hampshire, outside of the New Forest. It provides an excellent woodland habitat for wildlife, including roe deer and buzzards.


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Exit the car park and turn right onto Longparish Road. After the bend turn left onto a concrete track (footpath).

Pass under an old railway bridge, then follow the track along the right hand side of a field. After just over a quarter of a mile the path veers right away from the field edge. Follow the path up a short steep incline, turn left and walk on through the copse emerging at a large field.

Follow the path along the right hand side of a field and turn right at the woodland edge. Continue past the kennels, then turn sharply left down a steep track. As it sweeps right at the bottom continue in this direction.

When you reach an iron gate turn left, the track will then climb gently through the woodland. After just over a quarter of a mile, you will reach a crossroads, where the trees change from oak to conifer.

Turn left here following the track as it winds through the woodland. Turn left at the next crossroads, then straight on at the following crossroads. Avoid the farm track sweeping left and continue along the footpath bearing right down through the woods.

Go straight on at the next crossroads. Pass over a short section of concrete road before bearing right onto a grass track and continuing through the woods. Continue straight on over the next crossroads down through the woodland.

Turn left at the junction at the bottom, then take the second track on the right and climb until you reach the edge of a large field. Turn right and follow the farm track around the field edge and down past ‘New Barn’. Bear left following the track up and then down the hill into Wherwell. Turn left at the road and follow it back to the car park.