Copy of a birth certificate

You will not automatically be provided with a birth certificate when you register your baby's birth. You will be able to buy a birth certificate at their registration appointment.

Birth certificates act as useful proof of ID. If a birth certificate has been misplaced or amended, you can order a new copy online. You can order copies of your own birth certificate, your child's birth certificate or the birth certificates of your relatives.

To order a new copy of a birth certificate, you’ll need to provide:

  • full name and surname at birth of the person whose certificate is required
  • date of birth
  • place of birth – hospital, town, or district
  • names and surnames of parents, including the mother’s maiden name, if known


Standard service

Cost: £12.50 per certificate

Delivered within 15 working days

Sent by 2nd class post

Priority service

Cost: £38.50 per certificate

Issued within 24 hours (Monday to Friday, excludes public holidays)

Sent by 1st class post

Please allow delivery time in addition to stated issue time. If you have paid for the priority service you can choose to collect your certificates, usually from Hampshire Record Office, Winchester (you will be contacted if the collection point is another location).

If a record of the certificate can’t be found or identified, only the certificate fee of £12.50 will be refunded.

We supply certificates for most events in Hampshire. We cannot supply certificates for events in Frimley Park, Portsmouth or Southampton.

Overseas customers

We only supply certificates to UK addresses, and some overseas applicants might not be able to make online payments. To make this process easier, order your certificate from the General Register Office.

Commemorative certificates

Commemorative birth certificates make a lovely gift or keepsake to cherish

Find out more about commemorative birth certificates

Example of a commemorative birth certificate