Air monitoring

Air monitoring is the sampling and analysis of airborne asbestos fibre concentrations.

This can take place before, during and after asbestos works.

We offer different types of air monitoring, including: 

  • four stage clearance monitoring following licensed removal works. The Certificate for Reoccupation certifies that an area is safe for reoccupation after asbestos removal works
  • reassurance sampling following minor remediation or removal works without an enclosure. Remediation involves lowering the risk of an asbestos containing material (ACM), while removal is often a riskier activity but involves entirely removing the asbestos. Both have different testing and inspection requirements
  • near-source sampling after a disturbance of ACMs to help inform risk assessments and exposure estimates
  • far source / perimeter sampling used when an activity is carried out with the potential to release asbestos fibres e.g. around the edge / perimeter of contaminated waste and soil remediation work sites or around the edge of an exclusion zone of demolition work where asbestos materials have not been removed due to the condition of the building or structure
  • background sampling to measure fibre levels before activity which might lead to airborne asbestos contamination
  • leak sampling. This is a type of sampling performed outside of an enclosed area while asbestos removal work is in progress to check that there are no leaks and that the environmental control systems are performing properly
  • personal monitoring, which is carried out to inform personal exposure records and the selection of respiratory protective equipment (RPE)

Not all asbestos remediation and removal work needs an enclosure to be set up. In these cases, we will carry out visual assessments to confirm that the works have been completed properly and certify that ACMs have been completely removed from underlying surfaces.

Example of a certificate for reoccupation

We can carry out the technical analytical aspects of asbestos removal and remediation, including:

  • reviewing method statements
  • meeting with clients, building contractors, site staff, and asbestos removal contractors to discuss removal works
  • issuing a certificate for reoccupation following asbestos removal
  • running air tests following the completion of remediation works
  • checking that asbestos repair work has been conducted to the required standard
  • providing emergency response and advice in the event of suspected disturbance of asbestos
  • updating and amending the asbestos register once any work is completed
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We are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0024. To learn more about our accreditation, visit our about us page.

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