Creating the Rock Stars of the future!

An exciting project for pupils in year 4 to 6, Rock2theBeat provides the opportunity to learn an instrument in a fun and engaging environment and explore a range of exciting popular music styles with friends and peers.

The Provision

Weekly provision of either an instrumental skills lesson for 20 minutes or a 40-minute band session. The band sessions are led by two Hampshire Music Service tutors and consist of a typical rock set-up of drums, bass guitars, electric guitars, keyboard and voice. The first 4 to 5 weeks each term are instrument skill lessons only as it is essential that pupils have a good technical grounding on their instrument before playing in a band. Rock2theBeat runs for 10 weeks each term.

As part of this exciting project, all instruments and teaching resources are provided for the first year and the cost of the lessons are charged direct to parents at £25 per month for 11 months (no charge in August).

See what this exciting project is all about (video)


  • Schools book an exciting launch concert featuring Rock2theBeat staff to show pupils what is on offer and what can be achieved
  • Parents sign up for a minimum of one term and will be charged directly by Hampshire Music Service
  • Instruments will be provided for pupils to take home and for lessons/band sessions in school
  • 20-minute lessons for drums, guitar, keyboard, bass and voice will take place for the first 5 weeks of each term and 40-minute band sessions for the second 5 weeks
  • All teaching resources will be available for pupils free of charge, including a wide package of online provision compromising of backing tracks, instructional videos and technical exercises for home learning
  • All lessons and band sessions are sequentially planned, building incrementally on knowledge and skills
  • At the end of each term there will be a celebration concert for pupils to showcase their new-found skills to family and friends

The role of the school

  • The school will be asked to send and collate information, provided by HMS, to facilitate parents booking onto the project
  • Minimum/maximum number of pupils: 25 to 30
  • Two practice rooms will need to be simultaneously available for two hours each week
  • Instruments provided for workshops (mics, amps, leads etc) will be the responsibility of the school and will need to be stored safely
  • Liaise with HMS regarding instruments on loan to pupils
  • Provide a suitable venue for launch/celebratory concerts and liaise with parents

Cost to School: £0.00

Further information

Contact Iain Donaldson ([email protected]) or Greg Walker ([email protected])

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