The Indonesian Gamelan is an orchestra of bronze gongs, metallophones and percussion that is as impressive visually as it is spellbinding musically. Originally played in the royal courts of Java and Bali, Gamelan music is built in layers of cyclic rhythmic and melodic patterns around a central theme, and may accompany puppetry illustrating the myths and legends of the Mahabharata & Ramayana.


Full days of sessions with a tutor only
There are two sizes of each type of Gamelan, the small sets require a secure classroom or hall of a minimum 35 square metres where it can be set up and left for the duration of the workshops. The large sets are permanently hosted at Hampshire schools.

  • Javanese Gamelan (Slendro and Pelog) - Large set hosted at TBC
    Built especially for Hampshire Music Service by Javanese craftsmen in 1998. The music is built up from melodic patterns and rhythms from easy to complex. It is challenging, fun and musically satisfying for all ages and abilities, allowing pupils to participate in ensemble playing right from the start, every pattern becoming part of a mesmerising musical whole.
  • Balinese Gamelan (Angklung) - Large set hosted at Romsey School
    The island of Bali is home to its own tradition of Gamelan Angklung, and Hampshire is fortunate to own two especially crafted examples that are available to your school for full day workshops or a six week Residency. One is larger than the other.