Samba is an expression of the dynamic culture of the people of Brazil - from its roots in Carnaval, the infectious rhythms and extrovert sounds of Samba have spread all over the world. It comprises highly syncopated interlocking rhythms over the steady throb of the surdo, with contrasting rhythmic sections, breaks, call and responses, together with students’ own composition and improvisation.


Half day and full day sessions, Fridays only
Pupils learn as a Bateria band to play authentic Brazilian rhythms and instruments with correct technique in the dynamic Carnival style. Phonics and word-rhymes aid musical memory so multi-section pieces can be learned and performed easily, working at a level to suit the age and experience of the group.

Pupils work with the whole range of Samba instruments, including surdo, repinique, timba, tamborim and all kinds of percussion, and will learn to master the characteristic rhythmic syncopations and grooves of Samba.