Assessment process

Find out what adoption involves and whether it's the right option for you.

  • Enquiry and adoption information session
  • If you are interested in becoming an adopter please contact us and you will be invited to our weekly adoption information sessions.

  • Home visit
  • Following attending our adoption information sessions we will contact you to discuss the next steps for you, this may be a home visit by a social worker.

  • Registration of interest form
  • The next step is for you to complete a registration of interest form. We will contact you within five working days to confirm if you can progress to the next stage.

  • Assessment stage one (checks and references)
  • We will visit you at home and undertake a range of references and checks to help us safeguard our children. There will be a one-day training course to prepare you for your adoption journey.

    This stage will last up to 2 months

  • Assessment stage two
  • You will be allocated a social worker who will complete a detailed report about you, your background, your lifestyle, your family and your childcare experience. There is also three days of preparation training.

  • Adoption panel
  • You and your social worker will attend an Adopt South panel where a recommendation will be made about your approval as an adopter.

    Assessment stage two and adoption panel will last up to 4 months

  • Matching and
  • At this stage we will consider our children and your family. We carefully match children to adopters. Once matched and linked you will start introductions with your child. When the time is right your child will move in with you. Your family will continue to be provided with support from your and your child’s social workers.

  • Adoption order
  • Adoptions are made by an order of the court which gives you full parental rights as though the child was born to you.

  • Adoption support services
  • We are committed to supporting your family after you’ve adopted. Our helpful and friendly adoption support workers can help you if you have a quick question or you need time to talk to us about your needs. Get in touch on 0300 3000 001 or through the online enquiry form.

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