About our children

Our children are in the sad situation of not being able to live with their parents or extended family. The reasons are often many and complex, leading to difficult early life experiences for these unfortunate children. What they need is a safe and loving home, a family to look after them and allow them to grow and flourish. Could you be the person to provide a child forever home, to meet their needs and be there for them through thick and thin?

Keeping brothers and sisters together

How would you have felt if you were separated from your brothers and sisters. Losing a brother or sister this way happens when children have to leave their families, and it only adds more pain and sorrow for them to bear. These siblings deserve to grow up together but can only do so if good people come forward to adopt them. If they can’t live together, we need adopters who can help them keep close contact with each other.

Children from different ethnicities

Some children are of dual heritage or are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. Nationally there is a shortage of approved adopters for these children and we welcome applicants who can reflect diverse cultural and ethnic needs. It is not always possible to place children with families that match their ethnicity or religion and therefore we welcome adopters, regardless of their ethnicity and culture, who can promote the child’s heritage.

Children with additional needs

Some of our children may have additional needs which can include learning and/or physical disabilities as well as emotional and behavioural needs. With support, our children can reach their full potential in life, with love, compassion, and understanding from their adoptive family.

At Adopt South, we believe in supporting you throughout the adoption process and beyond. Please see our Adoption Support pages for information on our range of services, events and workshops which we offer adoptive families in the Adopt South region.

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