Farley Mount Monument

A monument to the horse named 'Beware Chalk Pit' with fine views over central Hampshire

farley mount

About the site

The site is named after the famous monument to the horse named 'Beware Chalk Pit'. It belonged to Paulet St John, the 3rd Earl of Bolingbroke. The horse carried its owner to a racing victory in 1734, just a year after it fell into a chalk pit during a fox-hunt.

The inscription on the plaque on the north wall reads:

"Underneath lies buried a horse, the property of Paulet St. John Esq, that in the month of September 1733 leaped into a chalk pit twenty-five feet deep a foxhunting with his master on his back and in October 1734 he won the Hunters Plate on Worthy Downs and was rode by his owner and was entered in the name of Beware Chalk Pit".

The all round views from the monument are impressive. The monument itself can be seen from far and wide, particularly when the sun reflects off the white walls.


Farley Mount Road Hursley

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