Round Coppice

A 16 acre ancient woodland, enclosed for at least 200 years


About the site

Round Coppice is a 'Site of Importance for Nature Conservation' (SINC). A family of roe deer hide somewhere amongst the trees.


Whiteley Coppices Whiteley


Man has worked these woods for generations. As the names suggest, these woods would once have been coppiced by the local farmer or even by roving woodsmen.

Coppicing is the traditional craft of harvesting woodlands. It is used to make a range of wood products such as hazel hurdles, tool handles, thatching spars and charcoal. Coppicing allows sunlight to reach the woodland floor, creating habitats for plants and animals.

The cut trees are not dead but will resprout new stems that will be suitable for harvesting again in years to come. A worked woodland will have many coups (cut areas) that are harvested on a rotation. Butterflies particularly enjoy the temporary sunny glades created by coppicing.

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